Cookie Policy

All information on the site and in mobile applications will be referredto as 'Platform'. Various types of cookies are used. We can generalize some of those with definitions such as technical cookies, session cookies, flash cookies, analytical cookies, authentication cookies, personalized cookies, thirdparty cookies and persistent cookies.If the use of cookies is not preferable, you can block or delete cookies from the settings of the browser you are using.But we would like to say that the Platform will be affected by this situation. The use of cookies on this Platform is assumed to be accepted as long as the cookie settings are not changed from your browser.

What Is A Cookie And Why Is It Used?

Cookies are very small text files stored on the web server ordevice by the visited websites through browsers. Infact, the use of cookies on the platform has many purposes.

Improving the services offered to the user by increasing the performance and functionality of the Platform

Improving the Platform, creating new features, customizing the features according to user preferences

Ensuring the commercial and legal security of organizations

Session Cookies

It is the name given to temporary cookies used on the platform during the time that users visit the site and are deleted after the browser is closed. The main purpose of such cookies is to guarantee that the Platform will work flawlessly during the visit period.

For example, filling online forms consisting of many pages can be given.

Persistent Cookies

It is a type of cookie that aims to increase the functionality of the platform and to provide a more rapid and quality service to visitors. User-specific suggestions are prepared for this type of cookie, taking into account the purpose of the platform.

Thanks to such cookies, if the Platform is visited with the same device, it is checked whether there is a cookie and if there is, it is understood that the site has been visited previously.

Categories of Cookies Used on the Platform

Technical Cookies

It makes the platform work. It detects non-working areas and pages.

Authentication Cookies

With the help of their passwords, if visitors login to the Platform, it prevents re-entering the password on every page.

Flash Cookies

Used to activate images and sounds on the platform. 

Personalization Cookies

It provides the use of preferences on different websites. For example; language preference.

Analytical Cookies

Providing analytical results such as the number of visitors to the platform, the number of views, and hours of visit is provided.

Can the Use of Cookies Be Blocked by Data Owners?

By changing the browser settings, it is possible to personalize the preferences for cookies. However, it should be noted that if cookies are disabled, some features on the Platform will lose their functionality. User experiences on the platform may be affected. When you visit the page, you may not find some personal data again.

If different devices are used to view the Platform, it should be ensured that the cookie preferences are set appropriately on these devices.