Water Borne Paint Removers - Strippers


Water Borne Paint Removers / Strippers Production Group manufactures advance water borne paint strippers or paint removers to strip single or two-packed any type solvent (acrylics, poly urethane, poly ester or epoxy etc.) or water borne coatings. Kimetsan Paint Strippers donot contain any harmful or hazardous or restricted chemicals (No chlorinated solvents, petroleum solvents, cyclohexanone, chromates, dimethyl formamide, acids, bases, methyl ethyl ketone / methyl isobutyl ketone / or any ketones, ethanol / methanol / propanol & isomers, butanol & isomers, any aldehydes etc). Also the strippers do not corrode metals and generaly safe for other surfaces as well however tests must be carried out for organic materials contact. The products also do not contain HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), POPs (Persistant Organic Pollutants) or any restricted toxic chemicals.

KIMETSAN coating removers may replace all solvent based coating removers as REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation will limit the usage of restricted chemicals.

The products meets also EPA, EC 552 / 2009, 2005 / 42 / EC VOC and ROHs directives. 



All types of removers can be used with and without activator.

Gel form strippers can be applied with brush, roller or spray gun to the surface. The stripper consumption is around 3-5 square meters per kilogram (app. 25 ft2/lb) depending on dried film thickness and the type of coatings per square meter of painted surface. Immersion type is ideal for small items.

• Gel form activated KIMETSAN Type I paint stripper on aluminium sheet coated with two-pack solvent borne epoxy at 200 microns DFT. The coating was removed within 120 minutes to the bare metal surface at room temperature. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Gel Form Kimetsan Type I stripper performance

• Gel form activated KIMETSAN AMS Type II coating remover performance tested on aluminium test plates (80 microns DFT KIMETSAN D45 AMS) and coating was removed within 30 minutes at room temperature. This coating is not easily stripped off by heavy duty paint removers. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 – Gel Form Kimetsan AMS type II

• KIMETSAN Liquid immersion Type I was applied to two-packed solvent borne epoxy coating. The 100 microns DFT coating was immersed into liquid coating remover. Within 120 minutes the coating was stripped off completely. The stripping performance is even beter on powder coatings at the same thickness (Figure 3)

Figure 3 –Liquid Immersion Type I removing powder coating.


• Contains no restricted or banned or toxic chemicals.
• Can be diluted with water.
• Can be applied @ 5-50 °C surface temperature. For higher temperature applications water should be added to compensate the evaporation.
• pH is around 7.0-7.8.
• Around 5 % evaporation @ 25 °C within 30 minutes.
• Can be used with or without activator.
• Can be applied easily by any conventional methods including brush, roller, sprayer etc
• Minimum 12 months shelf life (typically unopened 2 years).
• Coating remover/stripper should not cause any colour change and corrosion on the surface applied except Mg alloys (they may be coloured but still does not mean any corrosion).
• Fast stripping on any type of coatings.
• No gas realise during paint stripping.
• Military usage (Products They have NATO military stock numbers) on any equipments.
• Safe usage on pressurised equipments including gas cylinders and tanks.
• Safe usage in flame sensitive applications (petrochemicals plant, silo and depots).
• Safe usage on military ammuniation, missiles, aircrafts.


• Kimetsan Universal and AMS Paint-Coating Strippers-Removers are the most advanced and safest Water Borne Strippers / Coating Removers available.
• Products are the most economical and effective systems available.
• Products are the future of stripper / coating remover technology.


• Eliminate the creation and the expense of processing hazardous waste.
• Dispense with the need for dedicated paint shops and their associated operating costs.
• Eliminate the need to construct additional paint shops located at aerospace manufacturing and rework facilities, due to faster turnarounds.
• Eliminate the need to transfer aircraft from ‘green’ states for (re) painting with the associated non-productive positioning costs, ‘down’ time and loss of revenue incurred.
• Have maximum ‘slip’ and improved laminar flow resulting in less drag, lower NOx emissions and associated proposed tax penalties.
• Reduce wash cycles. Anti-static and hydrophilic properties enable coatings to remain cleaner longer.
• Reduce energy costs. Coatings are efficiently cleaned with mild detergent and warm water. Hazardous chemical washing is not required.
• Can promote environmentally friendly solutions incorporated into your products.
• Winning ‘Tie Breaker’ contracts. While Quality, Reliability and Cost are a ‘given’, additional green attributes can sway procurement decisions.
• Coatings are Compliant with European Union REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) chemical technology.
• Free of any components listed under EPA-17.
• Comply by a significant margin below the lowest MACT for Californian SCAQMD Rule 1124 VOC emission limitations for Aerospace Assembly and Component Manufacturing operations in anticipation of future environmental legislation.
• Eliminate solvents for degreasing, preparation, painting and clean up operations reduces the likelihood of reaching the reporting thresholds defined by SARA III.
• Benefit from materials not reportable under California Proposition 65, Community Right to Know List, GeneticToxicology Program, ACGIH TVL, EPA TSCA, OSHA PEL, SARA Sections 302 & 313.
• If you are a holder of FAA Part 135 certificates, apply for a dispensation to set up a FAA training program for handling these materials to comply with Hazmat regulations.