Heat Transfer Fluids


CobrexR technology is a product developed by Kimteksan, one of the Kimetsan Group companies, for NASA to PMC-USA in 1991, and contains the fastest synergistic combination corrosion inhibitors known in the world. As this product contains vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VCI), after the system starts, a film forms with a 5-10 Angstrom (1 nano meter = 10 Angstrom, 1 Angstrom = 10-10 m) coating on the metal parts in the heating system in a short time like 10 seconds at 40 °C. While it protects the system from corrosion by forming a film, it also prevents the catalytic degradation of the active chemicals in the heating fluid in contact with metals. In addition, since it is produced between the pH 7.0-7.5 in the concentrated heat transfer fluid, it does not damage rubber and rubber seals. In other words, while the system is operating, it ensures that the heat transfer fluid functions smoothly.

Due to the high boiling point of the heat transfer fluid, evaporation losses are minimized, making the system much safer to operate. Even when the heat transfer fluid is in concentrated form, it has a standard kinematic viscosity of less than 18 seconds measeured with Fort Cup #4. In this way, excessive operation of the circulation pumps is prevented. For this reason, all the ingredients in the formulations have been selected especially from synthetic products. Products produced by biotechnological methods are not preferred because they have very high viscosity.

The CobrexR synergistic combination of heat transfer fluid advantages;

* The protective polymeric film formed is not affected by the corrosive environment at low/high temperature.

* Protects the system from being punctured.

* It prevents the connection hoses from cracking, if any.

* It prevents the deterioration of the heat transfer fluid and increases its life at least 3-4 times.

* Removes free oxygen from water.

* Prevents galvanic corrosion.

* It prevents the formation of bacteria in the heating system.

Cobrex GL-80 High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid performs the heat transfer process in heating systems at higher rates than similar systems due to its high heat capacity and high boiling point. Therefore, the performance of the heat transfer fluid results in less fuel use. Since it is much safer than similar systems, maintenance costs are much lower. Its thermal stabilization and Environmental Sensitivity are much safer than similar heat transfer fluids produced with Biotechnological methods. The product is water-based, does not contain flammable products and has no Flush Point. Due to the compliance with the REACH regulation, it can be used without any problems in all devices that require CE compliance.

Cobrex GL-80 High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid is manufactured in Kimetsan Sincan Advanced Technology Chemicals Production and Research Center with TS-EN ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management,  TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management and TS ISO 45001:2018 Health and Occupational Management Systems and also Responsible Care Commitment. Many versions of CobrexR High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid have been exported to many developed countries including the USA, UK, Canada since 1991.

**CobrexR is a registered trademark of Kimetsan.