Manufacturing Capabilities

Kimetsan Sincan (Ankara) Research and Advanced Chemical Technologies Center is a multi-purpose production and research center. About 1,000 chemicals and formulations are processed and manufactured in SS316 stainless steel, glass lined (glass coated), glass, polyethylene reactor and distillation units. The production abilities are supported with highly sophisticated instrumental analysis laboratory capabilities. Due to these manufacturing and know-how capabilities Kimetsan is a large manufacturer and a leading company in the market. About 20 products are commercialized yearly by R&D and P&D Groups. Defense Industry products provide very important process input to the industry. Water-borne high-performance military paints and coatings manufactured are the world most advanced products in this category. Nano-technological products and raw materials are also manufactured by using CVD, electrochemical, precipitation and grinding techniques. Nano-resins used in water-borne paints are also manufactured and modified within the group, The most advanced worldwide known water-borne paints and coatings can be manufactured by means of these capabilities. Although aluminum, galvanized metal, leather, PVC, PE and composite are known as surfaces hard for painting and coating applications, Kimetsan’s nanotech water borne paints are applied on these surfaces easily (even without primer application) and  the surfaces are dry-touch in 30 seconds at 25°C and bended after 3 min. without any crack on the surface. Therefore Kimetsan’s nanotech water-borne paints and coatings have wide usage areas in the industry. They do not contain any HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and in addition they have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) values therefore they are classified as the future’s safest products and technologies.

In addition, Kimetsan’s manufacturing technology are used in many countries in chemical industry. Laboratory and R & D Chemicals Departments Production Capabilities provide an important and innovative support for the larger scale production.

Corrosion inhibitors production capabilities are also one of the significant achievements of the infrastructure. VCI / Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors are also formulated and manufactured by using these nanotech production capabilities. These advanced products and processes are some of the important advantages of Kimetsan’s multipurpose chemical plant.

Overall production capacity can easily be increased 100% in about 15 - 30 days due to plant design. Kimetsan is a Responsible Care Committed Company and also manufactures and operates under TSE-EN 9001:2015 (Quality Management), TSE ISO EN 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) and also TS ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) Systems. Water Borne Paints have also Turkish Standardization Institute Certificate of Conformance to Criteria.

Kimetsan Chemistry Group deals with about 6000 chemicals in international trade business.


a) Water Borne Nanotech Paints (Industrial / Architectural / Military)

b) Environmentally Friendly Paint Strippers/Removers (Industrial / Architectural / Military)

c) Concrete / Floor / Runway / Protection Systems for every kind of surfaces (including Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings)

d) Clear and Colored Coats, Protective Coatings, Pigments / Resins

e) Waterborne Nanotech Acrylic Modified Polyurethane / Self Cure Polyurethane Resins and Acrylic Copolymer Resins and derivatives (Aircraft and Rocket Paints/Coatings, IR Paints/Coatings, Naval and Aircraft Radom Paints/Coatings, etc.)

f) Waterborne Military Camouflage Paints (IR/Thermal, RAM, NIR, CARC etc.)

g) Waterborne IRR(Infra Red Reflective) / Solar Reflective /Solar Cool Paints

h) Waterborne Nanotech Photo Luminecence Paints

i) Fine and Laboratory Chemicals

j) Organic Chemicals

k) Inorganic Chemicals


• Tin II Sulfate

• Potasyum Iodide, Potasyum Iodate and other Iodine derivatives

• Sodium stannate

• Potassium chromate

• Nickel nitrate

• Nickel sulphate

• Tetrapotassium oxalate

• Magnesiumfluorosilicic acid

• Hexa Fluoro Zirconic Acid

• Sodium hexa fluoro borate

• Copper (II) Sulfate

• Copper (I) Oxide

• Copper (II) Oxide

• Ammonium oxalate

• Cocoamidobetaine

• Pigment Green 17(C.I. 77288)

• Tin Oxalate

• Zinc Nitrate

• Zinc Sulphate

• Zinc Stearate

• Magnesium sulfate

• Zinc Meta Borate


l) Performance Chemicals

m) Military and Civilian Purposes Chemicals, Solutions

n) Industrial Surface Cleaning Systems, Oil, Stain and Carbon Removers

o) Electro Chemicals

p) Antifreeze and Additives, De-Icing Products

q) High-Performance Heat Transfer Fluids

r) Vapor Phase (VCI) and Other Corrosion Inhibitors

s) Defense Industry Speciality Chemicals, Additives, Protectors, Paints and Formulations

t) Photographic Chemicals, X-Ray Films Processing Solutions, Tank and Roller Cleaning Solutions

u) Hospital and Healthcare Industry Chemicals, Additives, Disinfectants and Intensive Care and Operating Room Theatre Paints

v) Historical Buildings and Monuments Restoration Kits, Protection Chemicals

w) Customer Synthesis and Formulations


  • • Formulation
  • • Consulting to Chemical and Metallurgical Industries
  • • Market Survey, Feasibility, Process Development, Product Development
  • • Analytical Analysis Services
  • • Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning and Surface Protection Systems
  • • Corrosion Resistant Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings
  • • Historical Buildings / Monuments / Architectural Buildings Restorations


Fine / Performance / Industrial Chemicals and Additives, Organic Intermediates, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Raw materials, Paints / Pigments, Electrochemicals, Resins, Food / Textile / Electronics Chemicals, Organic-Inorganic Specific Chemicals, Ink Additives, Sodalime, Catalysts, Minerals, Disinfectants, Polymer Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors, Agricultural/Veterinary Chemicals, Military Chemicals, Precious Metal Salts/Pastes, Corrosion Resistant Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings