Waterborne Paints and Coatings

The Most Advanced Water Borne Paint Technology World Wide Known



AST D Series Nano Coatings include Acrylic Modified Polyurethane, Hybrid, Polyurethane, Advanced Acrylic and Ultra Fast Oxygen Reacting Polyurethane resins Technology. KIMETSAN PRIME TOP is the most advanced water borne primer coating available and contains molybdenum lakes. KIMETSAN AST D45 and D45-AMS coatings have low VOC limits (max. 60g/l). These are the future in industrial water based coatings technology, while the VOC values in D70, D88 (ca 10g/l) and D100 are less than 60g/l.

• KIMETSAN AST D45: Acrylics Nano-Encapsulated Water Borne, Two-Component, Modified iso-Cyanurate free Polyurethane Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D45-AMS: Acrylics Nano-Encapsulated Water Borne, Two-Component, Modified Polyurethane iso-Cyanurate free, Aerospace Standard Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D50: Nano Technological Water Borne, One-Component, Polyurethane Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D70: Nano Technological Water Borne Two-Component Hybrid, Hardened Surface Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D88: Advanced Nano Technological Water Borne, Ultra Low VOC, Polyurethane Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D100: Nano Technological Water Borne One or Two Component Hybrid, Ultra Flexible Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D5000: Nano Technological Water Borne One or Two Component Hybrid Water resistance coating
• KIMETSAN AST D17: Nano Technological Advanced Poly Urethane One Component Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D18: Nano Additive Advanced Acrylic One Component Co-polymer Coating
• KIMETSAN AST D21: Nano Additive Technological Advanced One Component Acrylic Co-polymer Coating

Protect Most Substrates (Self Priming Capability) In One Or More Applications

• These are true water borne coatings. Environmentally (ecologically) friendly.
• They are the most economical and effective systems available.
• Compliant with all VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Directives and Hazardous Products Regulations in the EU and USA. They are the future of coating technology.
• Do not contain HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) or Toxic Chemicals
• They conform to CE and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) regulations.
• Are suitable for application on most substrates min.10 years.
• Water resistant, yet micro-porous for water vapor permeability.
• Anti-graffiti. Graffiti cleaning does not damage the surface.
• High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, (Gunship) Matt, Real Metallic and Micaceous options available in a wide range of colors.
• Very good resistance to extreme environmental conditions, corrosion, salt water and diluted acids and bases.
• Good properties of linear expansion and contraction - thermal tolerance / shock -80°C to+200°C. A high performance variant resistant to -170°C also available
• Coatings are antimicrobial, anti algae, anti yeast and anti fungal.
• Simplified Surface Preparation.
• Easily applied by roller, brush or spray. Good and easy touch up characteristics.
• Coverage: 1 kg of AST D Series, coats 20m2 aluminium surface. Max 14 sqm 1mil DFT.
• Touch Dry after 30 seconds and can be handled after 15 minutes (at 25°C).
• AST D45 and D45-AMS applied to Aluminium can be mandrel tested 5 minute after application at 25°C.
• Shelf Life and Pot Life exceed competing coatings.
• The thinner and clean up media is (soft) tap water.
• The UV resistant (No chalking) provide good color fastness and stretch recoating intervals.
• The Antistatic features, that do not attract dust, mean low maintenance.
• Kimetsan Prime Top can be applied directly onto rusty surfaces with no surface preparation.


The application of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) limiting regulations and legal obligations in USA, European Union (1999/13/EC, 2004/42/EC and 2009/552/EC Directives) and other developed countriesmean that the technological and application problems of solvent based coatings and thinners have to be faced. Using electrostatic coatings, solvent-based coatings with high solid content or water-based coatings can solve these problems.

Electrostatic coatings: Size liming furnace dimensions and high level health risks and warnings associated with the second component restrict the application of this technology. These are in addition to the chrome passivation procedure necessary for their application on aluminium surfaces; a system exposed to serious legal obligations. Passivation, with the exception of chrome passivation, either renders the system more expensive, or limits their applicability.

High solid coatings: These are solvent based. The coatings are difficult to apply (e.g.: min 23psi to atomize the product) and also have physical and chemical resistance problems.

This is why water based coatings are preferred. Manufacturers are therefore putting considerable effort into developing water based coating technology. KIMETSAN Coating and Surface Protection Group is no exception. It has been manufacturing the most advanced water based coatings in the world since 1987.They are the safest and least harmful, high performance, coatings available.


High performance in the manufacture of water-based coatings is derived from acrylic modified polyurethane, ultra fast oxygen activated polyurethane and hybrids of these systems. They exceed the performance features of solvent-based coatings.

KIMETSAN is the first company in the world to manufacture Water-borne Rocket Coatings, Aircraft and Radome Coatings, and to coat Aluminium, PVC and Galvanize without a Primer Coating.

KIMETSAN also has the only waterborne system with approvals for application on aircraft and missiles.

Aircraft Wing Leading Edge Coatings, Prime Top Coatings and Military Camouflage Coatings - ultra matt UV/IRR-IRA/Radar Absorbing coatings (RAC) have military approvals.

KIMETSAN New Technology Infrared Red/IR, RAC/RAM, NIR CARC, Visable and thermal Camouflage and Electro Magnetic Waves Absorbers Waterborne Coatings are the latest solution for military applications.


KIMETSAN AST D Series coatings are easy to apply on to interior and exterior surfaces as colored or clear coat. The original surface design patterns can be preserved. By using the appropriate coating system, the protection of concrete surfaces from chlorination, carbonization and sulphur dioxide can be achieved.
AST D Series can be applied to substrates and surfaces previously considered difficult or even impossible to coat with a factory quality finish in either plain or to custom design effects.
Substrates include: Alloys, Aluminium, Brass, Brick, Bronze, Ceramic Tile, Cloth, Concrete, Copper, PVC, Fiberglass, Fiber Concrete, Galvanize, Glass, Stainless Steel, Leather, Mosaic, External Plasterwork, Tin Plate, Titanium, and Wood.
Typical examples of completed architectural work include: Factories, Military Facilities, Hospitals (including all types anti microbial coatings), Historical Buildings, Traffic signage, Mosque Domes, Rusty and New Lampposts, High-rise Buildings, Hotels, Premature Baby/Incubation Rooms and Operating Theatres.
Industrial applications include: Aircraft, Automobile, Aircraft Radomes, Missiles, Rocket Launchers, Rockets, Armoured Tanks, Vehicle curtains/caliches etc.

ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS (Indoor and outdoor):

AST D Series come in 24.000 different colors, 2000 metallic colors and thousands of pattern choices; the possibilities are endless, while Glass can be coated clear or opaque.

• Solar Reflecting options reduce the expense of running Air Conditioning. Also protects military equipments/depots from extreme heat.
• The Fire Resistant features of the products are a preferred option on high-rise buildings.
• Intumescent Options will Resist open flame Fire Migration up to 2 Hours.
• Being antistatic, External Dust and Residue can be rain-cleaned.
• Being Nano technology, Grease and dirt will be decomposed under UV light
• The anti-graffiti features of D45 and D45-AMS, are widely used on commuter trains and in areas prone to graffiti.


KIMETSAN AST D Series coatings are the most advanced industrial coatings. The topcoats can be applied immediately after the primer. Molywhite corrosion inhibiters react (and inhibit) with rust (metal oxides).They do not attract dust and swath in industrial environments like paper mills, significantly reducing the fire risk and maintenance.KIMETSAN PRIME TOP series come in a wide range of colors. They are designed for Rusty, New Ferrous or Metallic and Galvanized Substrates.



KIMETSAN AST D Series coatings can be applied to Plywood, Composite Wood (MDF) with optional wood grain effects and design patterns without priming. Good water vapor permeability ensures the wood does not distort. Wood can be prepared with conductive coating enabling a powder coating process.


Aluminium, PVC and galvanize substrates, otherwise known to have coating adhesion problems, can be painted easily with KIMETSAN AST D45, D45-AMS, D50, D70, D88 and D100 coatings. Their application does not need a primer coating. KIMETSAN AST D45 series coatings are the preferred water based systems for the above mentioned surface applications, with exceptional results.


(Hospitals, Operating Theatres, Intensive Care and Premature Baby Room/Incubation Wards, Schools, Laboratories, Submarines and all enclosed environments where a high degree of sanitation is at a premium):

KIMETSAN AST D17, D18, D45, D45-AMS, D50 and D100 are all breathing (microporous), anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-graffiti and easy to clean coatings. Easily disinfected and cleaned with any type of antimicrobial agents, they provide a hygienic environment. Fast drying and odorless, freshly painted areas can be utilized immediately. Ag/Ag+ nano tech (20nm Ag metal) formulated KIMETSAN AST D45, D45-AMS, D50 and D100 paints are the preferred choice due to their anti-mould, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-yeast features. Anti microbial cleaners can be applied, providing longevity to microbial resistance.


Contact with food is safe. Applications in Refrigerated Areas, Food Processing and Preparation Units have approvals. Resistant to battery acid from electric forklift trucks working in cold stores. Suitable for sealing tiled areas providing a hygienic, easy to clean environment.


KIMETSAN D17, D18, D45, D45-AMS, D50, D65, D70, D88 and D100 also come in a paste. They are suitable for pointing, filling and restoration work in concrete, fiber concrete marble, metal, plasterwork, and wood.


KIMETSAN AST D17, D18, D45, D45-AMS, D70, D88 and D100 protectives are used in restoration of microcracks of concrete surfaces, protection of parking areas and runway concretes against corrosion (acid rain) and erosion (wind and friction). Thin protective film thickness formation on the surface will provide non-sliding surface properties.


KIMETSAN AST D45, D45-AMS, D50, D70, D88 and D100 polymers are produced from ultra small spherical particles / nano materials as ultra matt and high gloss properties and they can be applied on every kind of surfaces (stone, marble, ceramic, plaster, clay, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.) as clear or colored clear coats. Surface repairs and protection can be carried out in a variety of color and designs. The coating system is compatible with the Armex surface cleaning system. Some prestigious buildings in Turkey and around the world are already protected with this system.