Kimetsan: Chemicals Solutions, One Source


KIMETSAN LTD. was founded in 1986 with the main activities of Production, Consulting, Process Development, International Trade, Formulation, Feasibility Studies, Know-How Transfer, Industrial, Cleaning/Protection Systems. Nearly 1000 products are produced and some of these products are developed by R&D Department and are operated in SCALE UP procedure. The company has two plants, three offices in Turkey and two offices abroad. Production activities consist of 12 production groups.


 a) Water Based Nanotech Paints and Paint Removers (Industrial/Architectural/Military)
 b) Concrete/Floor/Runway/Every kind of Protection Systems (including Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings)
 c) Clear and Colored Coats, Protectives, Pigments/Resins (Water based, solvent based)
 d) Nanotech Acrylic Modified Polyurethane/Self Cure Polyurethane Resins and Acrylic Copolymer Resins and its products (Aircraft and Rocket  Paints/Coatings, IR Paints/Coatings, Radom Paints/Coatings, CARC and RAM Coatings etc.)
 e) Fine/Specialty and Laboratory Chemicals
 f) Organic Chemicals
 g) Inorganic Chemicals
 h) Performance Chemicals
 i) Military and Common Use Chemicals and Solutions
 j) Industrial Surface Cleaning Systems, Oil, Dirt and Carbon Removers (Water based/Solvent based)
 k) Electrochemicals
 l) Antifreeze additives, Anti-icers/De-icers
 m) Corrosion inhibitors, VCI Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors
 n) Photographic Chemicals, X-Ray developers/fixers, Automatic Processing Machines Cleaning Solution, NDT/NDI developers/fixers.
 o) Hospital Chemicals, Additives, Disinfectants and antimicrobial operating room theatres coatings
 p) Synthesis and Formulations


 • Formulation
 • Consulting to Chemical and Metallurgy Industry
 • Feasibility, Process Development, Product Development
 • Analytical Services
 • Industrial Cleaning and Surface Protection Systems
 • Corrosion Resistant Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings
 • Historical Buildings/Monuments Restoration
 • Military Research Projects Managements


Advanced Military/Civil Nanotech Coatings, Fine/Performance/Industrial Chemicals and Additives, Organic Intermediates, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Raw materials, Paints/Pigments, Electrochemicals, Resins, Food/Textile/Electronical Chemicals, Organic-Inorganic Specific Chemicals, Ink Additives, Sodalime, Catalysts, Minerals, Disinfectants, Polymer Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors, Agricultural/Veterinary Chemicals, Military Chemicals, Military Coatings and Surface Preparation Systems, Metal Salts/Pastes, Corrosion Resistant Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings


 a) Water Based Nanotech Paints/Coatings
 b) Industrial/Architectural/Military Paints/Coatings
 c) Construction Paints/Indoor and Outdoor Paints/Coatings
 d) Wood Protection Paints/Coatings
 e) Antimicrobial/Antistatic Paints (Hospital, Operating Theatre Coatings)
 f) Military Vehicles/Artilleries Special Paints and Coatings (CARC Coatings)
 g) Emergency and Warning Signs
 h) Military Camouflage Paints (IR/Thermal, UV, RAC/Radar, Ultra Mat)
 i) Aerospace Coatings
 j) Radom Coatings (Aero, Naval and Ground Radars )
 k) Paints and Coatings for Aluminium/PVC/ Galvanized /Composite/Kevlar/Polyethylene
 l) Rocket/Launcher Paints /Coatings
 m) Termochromic Paints/Coatings
 n) Solar Reflective Paints/Coatings
 o) Insulation Coatings
 p) Luminescence Paints/Coatings
 q) Squalene Dye Based Paints/Coatings
 r) IR Reflective Paints/Coatings
 s) Heat Insulation Nano Coatings (Military and Civil Uses)


 1. Cleaning Solutions and Gels
 2. Paint Removers (By surface Cleaning Systems and Chemical Cleaners) Antigraffiti Removers (Military /Civil)
 3. Special Solvents and Formulations
 4. Corrosion Inhibitors
 5. Paints and Pigments
 6. Fillers and Joint Fillers
 7. Industrial Chemicals and Additives
 8. Industrial Cleaning and Protection Systems
 9. R&D and Laboratory Reagent Chemicals
 10. Fine Chemicals
 11. Performance Chemicals
 12. Antifreeze Additives
 13. De-Icing Solutions


 • Accustrip/Armex Industrial Fast Cleaning/Paint Remover Systems
 • Armakleen Industrial Water Based Oil and Carbon Removers


 • Kimetsan Chemical Mining and Metallurgical Ind. Int. Trade Cons. And Eng. Co.Ltd./TURKEY
 • Aqua Surface Technology International Ltd./England
 • Kimetsan Aerospace Coatings Ltd./England
 • R&K Chemicals Ltd/England
 • Korukim Chemical and Protection Tech. Co.Ltd./TURKEY
 • Kimteksan Chemical Industries Co. Ltd./TURKEY
 • Kimetsan Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Co.Ltd./TURKEY