REACH Regulation

Reach is an integrity concept and regulations system. The aim must be understood well and establishments must do their plans according to these regulations. Reach is not only a new regulation system but it is an important strategic management system. It is a business opportunity at the same time. REACH Regulations comprise every unit in the establishments. The aim and the policy should not be “saving the day” in the chemical industries because establishments will benefit from the awareness of the regulations. The purpose of this regulation is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment, including the promotion of alternative methods for assessment of hazards of substances, as well as the free circulation of substances on the internal market while enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

Kimetsan Group pre-registered 2.100 products in Reach System as an amenable manufacturer and importer. Kimetsan Group is leader in Turkey as having the highest number of pre-registered substantces for REACH complience. The registrations will be done according to the announced deadlines by REACH Committee and ECHA.

Reach implementation will support environmentally friendly and human safe products development and manufacturing as a fact Kimetsan Group also works under these principles.